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Brushless Speed Controllers - Under 70 Amps
The Red Brick ESCs wont win first place for style, though they will take top points for simplicity and reliability. With a basic set of programming features these ESCs are a perfect solution for anyone looking for a basic yet robust speed controller. The Red Brick ESCs have been engineered with heat dissipation in mind. featuring over sized Aluminium heat sinks the Red Brick ESCs are slightly larger than many ESCs in their class, however this compromise in size is aimed at assisting to eliminate the problems associated with over heating. Specs. Max Amps: 50A Ubec: 5v / 3A Cells: 2~4s Lipoly Size: 55mm x 13mm 36mm Weight: 41g (Inc Wires)
Red Brick 50A ESC £11.99 EACH POSTED   
SS series comes with a limited range of programming functions and are designed to be plug-n-play. A perfect ESC for those looking for something simple to use and economic. Spec. Weight: 63g Size: 55x35x8mm Cells: 12-24Ni MH ~ 4-8S Li Po Max Current: 60A Burst : 70A No BEC Timing: 1/7/15/30 programmable PWM: 8/16K   Features. Constant current 60A Max 70A Li-Poly 4-8 cells Low Resistant 0.0017 Ohms; Dynamic Braking BEC: opto Auto shut down when lose signal Slow down at 3.0V per cell Lipo, Cut-off at 2.9V per cell Lipo 0.8V NiMh   User Programming options. Battery settimg Throttle Range Brake settimg 4 options: Direction and Cutoff Type Timing Mode Setting: 1 / 7 / 15 / 30 PWM setting: 8K/16K Note: This ESC is OPTO, with no BEC supplying power to your receiver. You will need an extra power source for your receiver. (such as UBEC or Rx battery pack) If you hear the music tone repeat for more than 3 times, you may need to check your power source to the receiver.
70AMP Speedcontroller £16.75 EACH POSTED   
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